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Refuge Evangelical Baptist Church

    Rev. Dr. Wilbert S Richardson, Pastor

The family of Refuge is a multi-cultural church in Philadelphia, PA that welcomes everyone to experience the presence of God as we Praise and Worship Him!


First Service: 10:00 am


7:00 PM

As we continue to comply with mandates

Wearing Mask & Temperature Checks


 NEW Sunday Mornings


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On March 15, 2020, the CDC recommended that for the next 8 weeks, organizers should cancel or postpone in-person for gatherings and large community events throughout the U.S. Such gatherings might include concerts, festivals, church gatherings, conferences or sporting events.


Social distancing is key to decreasing the rate at which the coronavirus is spread. Many state and local jurisdictions have issued guidelines or mandates the go beyond the CDC recommendations, in some cases banning gatherings entirely. Please monitor our local and state government websites and press releases to be informed of guidelines and and restrictions. 


Therefore based on the information... REBC will close its doors per city and state mandate. Pastor would like that we follow his #,    Which is stay #Stay-at-home,

#PrayAtHome, #Don'tforgetthehome.

Listed below are the pages that have been updated...   (Thank you for viewing our pages) 

We have updated the following:

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The Bible says, "Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray.

Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life." (Phil 4:6)

To the members we still have to bring in our tithes and offerings, even if service has been suspended to help with church operations. Members can mail in their tithes, or use pay pal on the link below

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or $CASH$ App 

What do I do to get "saved?" At one point or another we all ask ourselves this question.

  • "Jesus answered and said to him, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God'" (John 3:3).

  • "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved" (.Romans 10:9)